partnering with innovators and investors

 VeriTeam is an entrepreneurial strategic advisory firm, partnering with innovators and investors to create value in the fields of human health, wellness, and performance. Our capabilities and contributions are fueled by deep entrepreneurial, advisory, and leadership experience, as well as our industry knowledge, communication skills, and extensive professional networks.   

We partner with innovators to drive critical business strategies including product development, customer acquisition, communication, and capital raising.  In doing so, we help innovators gain the vital traction needed to yield value-creating investment opportunities, and can also assist with the organizational design, contractual work, and key partnerships that accompany and enable such opportunities. 

VeriTeam can also help investors seeking to find and support great innovators, creating value for all parties in the process. 


 VeriTeam’s expertise is relevant to a range of markets including

Sports & Recreation

Athletic Training & Physical Therapy

Fitness & Nutrition

Consumer Health & Wellness

Brain & Mind


VeriTeam was founded by Vin Ferrara, a successful innovator with decades of experience in a variety of roles dedicated to advancing human health, wellness, and performance. Vin was an inventor, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO for nearly a decade at Xenith, a management consultant at McKinsey, corporate strategist at Biogen, and business development officer at Thorne and Onegevity Health. Vin received an MD, MBA from Columbia University and a BA from Harvard University, where he played quarterback on the football team. 


We look forward to being your True Team partner and helping you make an impact in human health, wellness, and performance. 

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